The Absolute Best Private Transportation In Thailand

If you have never been to Bangkok, one thing you should know is that it is notorious for its traffic. Most of the day the entire city is congested and it is especially worse in the morning and evenings when everyone is going to and from work. 

You should also know that taxis are just not worth it. Most drivers do not speak English and you also run the risk of getting scammed because some do not turn on their meter. Avoid the hassles of all this and instead book one of our forms of transportation such as the party minivan, limo, or party bus. Just because you’re in traffic, doesn’t mean the party has to stop.

Luxury Limousine
If you want to pull up feeling like a celebrity, then you should consider booking our luxury limo.

Our limos are covered in leather seats and come with whisky glasses, a state of the art minibar, driver partition, champagne, televisions, tasteful LED lights, and four monitors for your viewing pleasure.

Ride around Thailand in style and have the entire city looking at you are wondering who you are. Feel free to book our Thai models to enjoy the ride with you.

They are available to serve you champagne and flirt with you as you are enjoying the view of Bangkok or your favorite television show.

Contact us and book our luxury limo to go from point A to B in style.

Are you tired of waiting hours to travel from one part of Bangkok to another? So are we. 

That is why we offer a party minivan for your traveling needs. 


The busy Thailand traffic will be the last thing on your mind once you step foot in our minivan and see a minibar, full sound system, disco lights, and an ice chest full of beer. 


The only way to improve upon this form of transportation is to book one or more of our sexy Thai models to make the ride more fun and sexier.

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Party Minivan
Party Bus

This is our ultimate form of party transportation if it is what you are looking for. 


Our disco bus seats up to 30 people so you can enjoy a decent sized party on the streets of Thailand. 


Our disco bus also comes with high-end speakers, two stripper poles, lasers, luxury leather seats, 8 LED TVs, and a VIP area. 


Book one or more of our sexy Thai models so that they can put the stripper poles to good use. 


Plan the ultimate party or bachelor party in our disco bus and you will have the mobile party of a lifetime.

Arriving at a Thailand airport after a long flight can be a very stressful thing. 

Most taxi drivers do not even speak English. This means that in some cases, you will have trouble telling him which hotel you are staying at, and you might even be brought to the wrong location. 

Let us reduce that stress for you by booking one of our luxury forms of transportation such as our limousine, party minivan, or disco bus. 

All of our drivers speak English and know Bangkok extremely well, so you will be taken care of while you are being transported to or from the airport. 

You are free to have a party while using our forms of transportation, whether you want just a few people for the limo, a dozen for the party bus, or up to 30 for the disco bus. 

Feel free to book our sexy Thai models to make your party even better. They all are the hottest in Thailand and they love to party, drink, dance, and have genuine fun. 

Do not miss out on this perfect opportunity to party while traveling the very busy streets of Bangkok.

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