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thai models

Top Quality Thai Models

At Best Party Bangkok we understand just what people picture when they imagine what a Thai model looks like. We have a very strict vetting process to make sure that we only have the best looking women in all of Thailand. 

Our models have the most beautiful faces possible. We also make sure to focus on things like big tits and ass. We don’t just stop there. We also train them in English so they can have basic conversations. Lastly, we make sure they have the right personality. Our models love to be the life of the party, drinks, dance, and flirt. 

When you are planning any kind of party in Thailand then make sure to ask about our top quality Thai models that will be sure to sexy up any party. Just make sure to book enough models for the party. 

We recommend a 2 to 1 ratio so that none of your friends feel left out and they will have plenty of fun throughout the party. They are perfect for any party, and we recommend them for bachelor parties, sexy parties, lesbian shows, and personal private parties. 

Don’t take the chance of inviting girls that you meet off the street who are just there to drink all of your booze and leave without interacting with anyone. Book our sexy Thai models and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Play Sexy Games With
Our Thai Models

There is nothing worse than a dying party. Keep the party going with games that you can play with our Thai models. Whether you want to drink body shots, Jell-O shots, enjoy a sexy strip tease, play drinking games, or even enjoy some sexy lesbian shows. 

Imagine yourself smoking a cigar and sipping on the finest whiskey while watching two beautiful women perform a lesbian show just for you and your closest friends. 

Picture the look on your buddy’s face when you surprise him with four sexy strippers for his bachelor party. Can he guess which one is the ladyboy? 

It doesn’t matter because either way he will be handcuffed to a chair and will not be able to move. He is there for the night of his life; this party will deliver on all of his expectations. 

The options and the amount of fun you can have with our Thai models is limited only by your imagination. Our Thai models are the sexiest in Thailand and guaranteed to keep you entertained until the party ends.

Best Thai Models
In Bangkok

When planning any kind of party, it is important to have the right kind of entertainment. Although DJs and live bands are fun, what most of your friends will be looking for at the party are beautiful women. 

Contact us and we can take care of that for you completely. Our Thai models are the most beautiful women in Thailand, and they are there strictly for you and your friend’s entertainment. They will be there to laugh, dance, touch, flirt, and drink the night away with you and your buddies. 

They are guaranteed to be a sexy addition to any kind of party you want to throw including, bachelor parties, private parties, hotel parties, or general get togethers. 

Our strict vetting process when it comes to hiring our sexy Thai models ensure that we have the high quality women in Thailand. We make sure to focus on a great personality, beautiful face and perfect ass and tits. 

After the party is done and you and your friends are completely satisfied, you will know exactly where your hard earned money went, and it will be well worth it.

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