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Airport Transport In Our Party Minivan

After a long flight on a plane the ride to your hotel can be an exhausting thing. This is especially true in Bangkok where almost no taxi drivers speak English. 

They can bring you to the wrong location and some even try to scam you by not starting their meter and charging you more. Contact us if you want to bypass the stresses of getting airport transport. 

We offer our party minivan for any service you desire, including transportation to the airport or from. 

This isn’t a regular minivan though; it comes equipped with disco lights, a full sound system, minivan, and an ice chest to keep all of your beer and spirits ice cold.

party minivan

A Party Minivan With Sexy Models

Bangkok is an incredible city with a lot of fun things to do, however, it is notorious for its horrible traffic. 

When traveling from one part of the city to another, expect to spend a lot of time on the backed up streets of Bangkok. It doesn’t have to be a boring trip, especially when you book one or more of our sexy Thai models. 

They will entertain you to the point where you will not even notice that you’ve been in traffic for hours. Book our Thai models and it becomes a sexy stress free trip. 

We have a very strict vetting process when we search for Thai models. We make sure they have the body that everyone wants, a beautiful face, and are fun to be around. 

Enjoy a nice lap dance while traveling the streets of Bangkok in our party minivan. 

People would be jealous if they knew all of the fun and sexy things going on inside.

Small Party In A Party Minivan

Have you ever had a party in a roaming vehicle? If you think that sounds cramped, think again. 

Our party minivan has plenty of room for a small party of up to 10 people. 

This number of people is perfect for a small party in our party minivan, and it still has room to move around and stretch your legs even when at capacity. 

Our minibar and ice chest can hold a number of drinks and keep them ice cold for all of your beverage needs. 

Travel through the streets of Bangkok and enjoy a small private party in our minivan. 

Make it a sexy party when you book our incredibly sexy Thai models. They are the sexiest in all of Thailand and love to be the life of the party.

Best Party Minivan In Thailand

Bangkok is known as one of the best party cities in the world. However, that comes with a disadvantage, the traffic. 

Traveling from one part of the city to another can be a long, stressful process because of all the digestion of traffic in the city. A trip that should take 30 minutes can sometimes instead take 2 hours. 

We understand this and that is why we offer our party minivan for all of your travel needs. If you are stuck in traffic, you might as well make a party out of it and book our party minivan. 

Don’t worry about finding a taxi driver that speaks English or knows where you want to go; when you book our minivan just tell us your destination and our English speaking driver will take you there with no hassle. 

Enjoy ice cold beverages and music from our full sound system and you won’t even think about how bad the traffic is. Make the trip even more fun and sexy when you book our sexy Thai models. 

They are the hottest in Thailand and are guaranteed to enhance any kind of party or trip that you plan.

Minivan Features

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