Party Bus

The Perfect Party Transportation Vehicle

You will never want to get into another taxi in Thailand once you experience the incredible possibilities of our party bus. 

Whether you are using it to throw a basic party or just for transportation alone, you will not want to go back to another form of transportation. 

What makes our bus so special? It comes equipped with a variety of luxury equipment, including 8 televisions, a special VIP area, full leather seats, high-end speakers, a mini bar for booze and drinks, a bathroom complete with a sink, LED lights with lasers as well as two pole dancing poles.  

By now you should be picturing the amazing possibilities that our party bus has to offer you and your buddies.

party bus

Have A Sexy Party On The Road

Now that you know the party potential of our party bus, you should be imagining all of the different kinds of parties that you can have in it. Our fan favorite is a sexy party that includes a number of our sexy Thai models. 

With a 30 person capacity, be sure to order enough Thai models so that everyone can have fun and not feel left out. Even booked to the max with 30 people, there is still plenty of room to move around, dance, flirt and have fun. 

Imagine traveling around the crowded streets of Bangkok on our party bus while there are 2 strippers entertaining guest. That is one sexy way to travel around. 

People will never even know about the sexy party going on around them as you travel around, music blasting, drinking and have a lot of sexy fun. There is no need to worry about the quality of our Thai models. 

We vet them to make sure that they are perfect entertainers for your party, have an incredible body, beautiful face, and are ready to drink and dance with you and your friends all night long.

A Unique Bachelor Party On Our Party Bus

When people picture the location of a bachelor party, they usually picture a fancy hotel or another similar venue. You will be the talk of everyone if you decide to plan a bachelor party on one of our party buses. 

With a 30 person capacity, there is plenty of room for dancing and having bachelor party fun. The party doesn’t have to be exclusive to just the bus. 

All of our drivers speak English and will take you wherever you want to go. Feel free to start the bachelor party in Bangkok and take it to Pattaya as one of our party friendly pool villas. 

The next day, take the party back to Bangkok for a great send off. The choice is yours. 

Just let us know your preferred itinerary (So that we can verify that our bus will fit on the streets) and you can jump from bar to bar, club to club, or go-go bar to go-go bar for a legendary traveling Bachelor party. 

If you happen to meet a girl you like in other venues, simply take them with you so they can party on our legendary party bus as well.

The Best Party Bus In Thailand

Our party bus is the ultimate form of transportation that is perfect for any party, including bachelor parties and sexy parties. 

There is comfortable room for up to 30 people and includes 2 stripper poles, 8 televisions, leather seats, LED lights and lasers, surround sound speakers, a mini bar, VIP area and a bathroom that is complete with a sink. 

This is the ultimate bus traveling experience that Thailand has to offer you and it is exclusive to us. 

Do not miss out and contact us for your ultimate party bus experience.

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