Sexy Bikini Models

Boat Party With Bikini Models

Have you ever thought about throwing your own boat party while you are in Thailand? Thanks to our 20+ years of party planning in Thailand, we have the ability to rent out quality boats for any kind of party you want to throw. 

Whether it’s a river party in Bangkok, a bachelor party on a catamaran in Pattaya, or a sexy yacht party in Phuket, we have you covered with all kinds of boats of all sizes to fulfill your party needs. 

The best part about renting a boat for a party with us is that you can also choose to rent a few or more of our sexy bikini models. We go through a very strict vetting process to ensure that you only have the hottest Thai girls possible. 

We look for naturally beautiful and fun women with incredible bodies that men love to dream of. They are naturally sexy, fun, flirty, love to drink and absolutely love to dance and party. 

They are the perfect addition to any kind of water event or party that you are throwing and a great addition to any party in general.

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Party Games With Bikini Models

Our models aren’t only there to look incredible; they are there to drink and have lots of fun with you and your friends. 

They are available to play any kind of water related event that you have planned, including things like snorkeling, diving, water balloon games, swimming, etc. 

They are ready to party and have lots of wet fun with you so make sure you book enough of our bikini models so that each guest can have their fair share of fun. 

The more, the wetter, the better.

Hotel Party With Bikini Models

Get creative when it comes to booking our bikini models. They are not exclusive to parties on boats, they can be booked for all kinds of water related parties such as a jacuzzi party or even a hotel pool party. 

When booking at any hotel, first make sure that it is party friendly so that you will not get in trouble with the neighbors, hotel itself, or even the cops. 

Nobody wants a party to end with you or your friends getting arrested because the hotel doesn’t want you partying past a certain time or making too much noise in general. 

Once you have the venue booked (or we can book it for you!) contact us and request as many of our sexy bikini models as you need. 

We recommend that you book enough bikini models so that each guy or girl at your party never feels like they are missing out on all of the fun. 

Have fun sitting in the jacuzzi with our models or having some wet fun in the pool. You are only limited to your own imagination.

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Best Bikini Models In Thailand

Here at Best Party Bangkok, we understand that when you throw a party and invite models, you are trying your best to impress all of your friends and to make it the sexiest party possible. 


That is why we have our strict bikini model vetting process to ensure that we only have sexiest models in all of Thailand. They have perfect tits, ass, legs, and of course are as beautiful as possible. 


Our sexy bikini models are sure to impress all of your friends. 


Anyone who doesn’t attend your sexy party will be extremely jealous once they see all of the pictures and naughty videos of your party. 


Don’t miss out on the unique experience of having lots of wet fun with the hottest (and wettest) girls that you have seen in Thailand.

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