Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer
In A Party Bus

You will never want to get into another taxi in Thailand once you experience the incredible possibilities of our party bus. 

Whether you are using it to throw a basic party or just for transportation alone, you will not want to go back to another form of transportation. 

What makes our party bus so special? It comes equipped with a variety of luxury equipment, including 8 televisions, a special VIP area, full leather seats, high-end speakers, a mini bar for booze and drinks, a bathroom complete with a sink, LED lights with lasers as well as two pole dancing poles.  

By now you should be picturing the amazing possibilities that our party bus has to offer you and your buddies.

Airport Transfer In
A Party Minivan

After a long flight on a plane the ride to your hotel can be an exhausting thing.

This is especially true in Bangkok where almost no taxi drivers speak English, which leads to a terrible airport transfer experience.

They can bring you to the wrong location and some even try to scam you by not starting their meter and charging you more. 

Contact us if you want to bypass the stresses of getting airport transfer. We offer our party minivan for any service you desire, including transportation to the airport or from. 

This isn’t a regular minivan though; it comes equipped with disco lights, a full sound system, minivan, and an ice chest to keep all of your beer and spirits ice cold.

Limousine Airport Transfer

Picture yourself in charge of transportation to a bachelor party. You and your buddies touch down in Bangkok or Phuket and they are expecting to deal with the stress of getting a taxi. 

Instead, they walk outside and there is one of our luxury limos waiting for them. 

Book one of our luxury limousines and enjoy the surprised looks on their faces when they look at the beautiful party girls that you also booked for them for their private entertainment during the limo transportation. 

They are ready to do sexy dances and serve drinks for you and your buddies. Now that is how you start a party. We will gladly take you from the airport to your hotel in the fanciest stress-free way possible. You will understand why we provide the best airport transfer in Thailand.

Thank us later.

Best Airport
Transfer In Thailand

When taking any vacation, we can all agree that finally arriving at your destination is a great feeling. That is until you have to deal with the hassle of finding a taxi and a driver that can actually understand what you are saying. 

Avoid all of the stress of waiting in line for a taxi and contact us instead. We can make it the perfect form of transportation and can customize your experience any way that you want. 

Whether you want to experience the classiness of our luxury limo, our ultimate party bus, or our perfect party minivan, we can provide you with an airport transfer that doesn’t have to be boring. 

The party can start the moment that you arrive at the airport. Make it even better and book our midgets along with a few of our party girls. They will meet you at your arrival gate with a sign with your name on it. 

Afterwards, they will guide you to your vehicle and the fun can start from there. Have fun party with the girls and laughing with one of our midgets while you sip on some vodka cranberry while getting a lap dance from a party girl. 

The fun doesn’t stop until you’ve arrived at your hotel. Happy partying.

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