The 10 Best Party-Friendly
Pool Villas In Pattaya

Our selection of Pattaya Pool Villas

3 Bedroom Villa A

A cozy 3 bedroom villa with 2 baths.


Features a modern kitchen and a BBQ grill.


Enjoy challenges your friends while in the karaoke room.


The luxury private pool closes at 2200.

3 Bedroom Villa B

Features 3 bedrooms with 3 baths.

Private pool closes at 2200.

Features a karaoke room.

4 Bedroom Villa

Located around 150 meters from Jomtien Beach.

Features a private pool and jacuzzi that you can party all night in.

Has arcade game cabinet with over 2500 games.

5 Bedroom Villa A

Located 150 meters from Jomtien Beach.

Features a private pool, waterfall, and jacuzzi that you can use all night long.

5 Bedroom Villa B

Location is within walking distance from the beach.

A night market is located roughly 500 meters away.

Parking spaces for 2-3 cars.

Private pool can be partied at all night.

6 Bedroom Villa A

Located in Siri Villa in South Pattaya.


The luxury pool is located in a tropical garden.


A full kitchen with a BBQ grill.



6 Bedroom Villa B

This villa is located directly on the beach.


Features extras such as a pool table, board games, and drinking games.


The pool is open all night long for parties.



7 Bedroom Villa A

This beautiful condo is located 400 meters from the beach.


Has a nearby 7-Eleven.

The pool is open all night long.


7 Bedroom Villa B

Located in a safe area of western Pattaya.

The pool features a slide and closes at 2200.

Features a number of table games such as pool.

9 Bedroom Villa

A luxury beachfront villa near Jomtien Beach.


Several restaurants within 5 minutes walking distance.


Pool is open all night long.


10 Bedroom Villa

Features both a pool and jacuzzi. Open all night.

Multiple table games such as pool and foosball.

Massages available upon request.

Features a private bowling alley.

18 Bedroom Villa

This impressive villa sleeps up to 50 people.


Has its own karaoke room.


A large private pool that is opened all night.

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