The 4 Best Party-Friendly
Pool Villas In Bangkok

Our selection of Bangkok Pool Villas

2 Bedroom
Pool Villa

A cozy 2 bedroom pool villa that also features a riverside terrace.

You are free to party all night long in the pool.

4 Bedroom
Pool Villa

This beautiful pool villa is very close to Central Bangna.


Features European inspired decor and has 3 stories.


Private swimming pool that closes at 2200.

6 Bedroom
Pool Villa

Features parking spaces for up to 7 cars.


Private swimming pool that closes at 2200.


Near Central Bangna and Seacon Square.

8 Bedroom Penthouse
Pool Villa

A spacious 8 Bedroom Penthouse villa that is sure to impress.

Private pool located on a beautiful terrace with a great view of the city.


The private pool closes at 2200.

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