It may be hard to find the right accommodation in a huge crawded city like Bangkok. But we got your covered with some of the best amazing venues and places to stay to host your private party! No matter your request we have all the things needed for every budget and type of accommodation. Another crucial thing is that, unlike our competitors, we know where to find party-friendly places to not get bothered by the neighbors or the local police!

It is nearly impossible to get bored in Bangkok. We offer you dozens of daytime and nighttime activities whether you have a huge or a tiny budget. No matter if you are a big group or if you just want to enjoy something alone, you can book some of the best activities in Bangkok right now! From Thai massage to sky diving, we have a very wide range of activities to fit all kinds of events from a bachelor party to a professional team-building event.

If you want to organize a wild private bikini party in your pool villa with the sexiest Thai bikini girls our there, then we got your cover! We do have girls from all over Thailand to make your party unforgettable!

To make your party even more incredible and make your guests speechless we give you access to the best performes and the best shows to add a touch of eccentricity to your party. We have some of the most erotic shows for your naughty parties and more classical performances for your team building events or private parties. It’s surely the best idea to surprise your guests and make your event truly unbelievable.

Hire some of the sexiest and hot Thai models for your private parties. We have partnerships with many model clubs in Bangkok and Thailand to provide you the best beautiful Thai women to your private party. It is also possible to hire a cover-girl or a Thai actress as if we were a Thai model club!

From accommodation to drinks and food, you got everyting ready, but you forgot about the transportation! With Best Party Bangkok you won’t have to worry about it, we have a very wide range of vehicles available. from taxis to tuk-tuks and luxury limousines, we have everything that you possibly need. It will fit perfectly with your private party, bachelor party or your more classical corporate team-building event.

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