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A Private Hotel Pool Party

Have you ever been at a hotel pool with a few friends trying to laugh and have fun, but other people keep getting in the way? Ever thought, “I wish we had this pool all to ourselves.”? We can make that happen at select hotels for the duration of your pool party. You will also be free to book one of our DJ for all of your music needs. 

Our DJs are very experienced and are often hired in bars and local nightclubs because of their skills. They can set the atmosphere for any kind of party so that makes them a very valuable addition to a party. Thinking about what kind of food to bring for your pool party? We have you covered there as well with our delicious fresh BBQ. 

All of our ingredients are fresh, and hand selected for the best quality BBQ possible for all of your hungry guest. While booking a hotel pool for a pool party is definitely possible, it is also very expensive. So, we recommend booking one of our pool villa instead for all of your pool party needs.

A Party At A Pool Villa

Pool parties are all the rage, especially in the summertime. One great thing about Thailand is that it is always hot and humid, even during the rainy season; therefore, it is always a great time to throw a pool party here. We’ve made it easier than ever to plan one when you book one of our many pool villas. 

The villas is completely private for you, and it comes with plenty of rooms and of course a giant pool for the ultimate private party. The reason we recommend our pool villas for the ultimate pool party is because it has plenty of room for a lot of people. There is no true limit so fill free to invite 30 or even 50 or more people to your ultimate party. We recommend booking pool villas in Pattaya instead of Bangkok or Phuket. 

Pool villas are extremely rare and incredibly expensive in Bangkok. Not to mention that you will not have that much privacy considering how condensed the city is. Phuket is a great place for partying and tourism; however, it is also very expensive compared to Pattaya, not to mention it is more of a tourist city than a party city. Pattaya is definitely the best choice when having a pool villa party.


Our Sexy Bikini Models

Now that you have an idea of where to throw your pool party, you should consider booking our sexy bikini models as well. They specialize in water events or parties and are the sexiest Thai women in all of Thailand. There is no excuse for throwing a sausage party even when you are new to Thailand. 

Instead book our models who are highly vetted and have the perfect model body that every man dreams of. It’s up to you on how many to order, but we recommend there are enough girls at your party so that none of your friends get lonely. The more the better. Order our girls and be prepared to have fun and get wet.

Best Pool Party In Thailand

A pool party is a classic party experience for many reasons. It is a great way to cool off by going for a quick swim and the girls are already half naked. It’s a win – win party that should be thrown while you are in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. 

We recommend booking our very affordable party friendly pool villas in Pattaya because they are so much cheaper to rent than in Phuket or Bangkok. Make sure to book plenty of our sexy bikini models make the party much more fun and sexier.

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