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A Party Friendly Location

When it comes to partying in Bangkok, the location is very important depending on what kind of party you are throwing and how long into the night that you want to party. If you aren’t careful and your party is too loud, neighbors will complain and call the police. Your hotel suite party can end with you getting a fine, jailed, or both. 

That’s no way to end a party. Instead, contact us so that we can set you up with a party friendly suite so you can party the night away without worrying about nosy neighbors or police. Finding hotel suites that are tolerant of parties in Bangkok is a difficult thing to do because of how condensed and crowded everything is. This makes the hotels and suites more expensive to book, but we can promise that they are worth the price for your epic party.

Plenty Of Room
For A Party

Hotel Suites may be more expensive than traditional hotel rooms, but they are worth it for the extra room alone. When a party of 10 people isn’t enough then our suites are perfect for your party. When contacting us, just let us know how many people will be at the party and we can choose the perfect suite for you and your guest. 

The first thing you will notice when walking into our suites is how luxurious and spacious, they are. There are several rooms in our hotel suites, and each has plenty of space. They are also complete with balconies that give you a perfect view of the city. Our suites are the whole package and are definitely worth every penny.

Enjoy A Sexy Jacuzzi Party

Our hotel suites don’t only have plenty of room and a great view, they also feature a jacuzzi. There are two options depending on what kind of party you want, an indoor jacuzzi or an outdoor jacuzzi. Our outdoor jacuzzi can be the place to plan the ultimate party. As long as the weather is great you will be treated to an incredible terrace view of the city of Bangkok. 

It is especially beautiful at night and can set the mood and atmosphere for any kind of party. Consider booking our DJ and our delicious BBQ to make the party even better. Our indoor jacuzzi is the perfect place for any private or medium party and definitely has a more relaxed atmosphere to it. When throwing a hotel suite party, you should consider who to invite. 

If you are new to Thailand and haven’t met any women yet, you should consider booking our sexy bikini models. They are the perfect models for anything water related and are guaranteed to spice up any water party or event that you want to throw. They have the perfect bodies that are fit for a model and the best part is, they are willing to go topless to make any hotel suite party sexier.

Best Hotel Suite
In Thailand

Throwing a hotel party isn’t exactly complicated but there are a few issues that can arrive. Mainly the thing you have to worry about the most is the amount of noise generated during your party. 

The best part about our hotel suite is that we went ahead and made sure that each of them are in party friendly hotels. 

You don’t have to worry about cops arresting you for too much noise or nosy neighbors telling you to turn down the music. Our bikini models are perfect for any kind of party and should definitely be considered when booking our hotel suites. 

They are a great addition to any party and are willing to have fun and dance topless, making them a great addition to any party.

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