Bachelor Party

A Bachelor Party
With Many Strippers

Let’s face it, a Bachelor party without strippers is no party at all and every man knows it. When planning your party, you should start by contacting us and letting us know exactly what kind of girls you expect from your party.

We are happy to say that we personally vet every stripper that we hire to make sure that she exceeds every man’s dreams and expectations. All of our strippers are hired based on qualities such as how fun and flirty they are, breast size, ass size, beauty and of course, how well they can put on a show.

This guarantees that we have the sexiest strippers in all of Thailand and they are the perfect addition to any party, not just bachelor parties.

Throw A Bachelor
Party On A Yacht

There are plenty of places to book a bachelor party, however, one location people don’t usually consider throwing a bachelor party is on a yacht, boat, or catamaran. Interested? Let us know how many people will be attending your bachelor party and we can recommend the correct boat for you. 

Either way, you will be impressed by our selection of quality boats, and we can make sure that there is plenty of room to have fun, dance, and party, no matter how many people are on the boat. A lot of people would assume that this would be very expensive, but we assure you that it is a very affordable experience and one that should not be overlooked. 

We recommend booking this kind of party in Pattaya rather than Bangkok or Phuket. Pattaya is the perfect party city, and it happens to be way cheaper than Bangkok or Phuket. While Bangkok is able to provide an unforgettable experience for you, there are a lot of temples on the Chao Phraya River and so we don’t recommend planning any sexy events on the river out of respect for those temples, monks, visiting tourist, and families.

Plenty Of Pranks
And Sexy Games

A bachelor party isn’t complete without pranks and games. Start the party out by playing a game of sexy beer pong, or even doing shots off of the tits of one of our Thai strippers. We offer a variety of pranks such as our midget, ladyboy, or sexy maid prank. 

Our midget prank will surely bring in the laughs when he handcuffs himself to the groom for an hour and has to go everywhere he goes, including the bathroom. The groom will surely be pranked when our sexy maid enters the room and starts cleaning in very sexual positions and then binds the groom to a chair for a sensual lap dance. 

Our ladyboy prank is definitely the most popular prank and is the perfect bait and switch. The groom will start out getting a lap dance from a stripper, he is then blind folded and then the stripper is switched out with a ladyboy who has all of the same physical features as the stripper. He is in for a hard thick surprise when he reaches between her legs.

Best Bachelor Party
In Thailand

A bachelor party is a very important party in a man’s life. It is the final party that he will have with his best friends as a free man before he commits to marriage. It is definitely a party that should be taken seriously when being planned. We are expert party planners who have been planning parties and events in Thailand for over 20 years. 

We have made many connections over the years and are ready to use those contacts to provide you with the best experience possible. We can fully book venues for you, provide strippers, alcohol, food, and so much more. Don’t take any chances and contact us for all of your bachelor party needs.

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