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Bangkok is not the place where people usually look for a luxury pool villa, but in Pattaya, it’s a complete different story. There you will find the most marvelous pool villas and private resorts to host the wildest events with a large group of people, all them close if not directly near the beach! When located in the center,  you will directly reach bars, clubs and shopping centers. If you want a more comfy experience, then you can stay out of the inner city and relax a bit.

Pattaya Parties

For your private parties, there is nothing better than Pattaya! It’s next to Bangkok with a two-hour travel distance, plus it’s much less costly than Phuket or Koh Samui! Even with a tiny budget, hosting hundreds of guests is not a big deal. No matter if you want to organize a small and chill event or a wild bachelor party, Pattaya is the way to go.

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VIP Services in Pattaya

If you want ot tastre the luxury and the most eccentric and the finest things in Pattaya? Then we can provide you the best VIP experience, from Yachts to limousine and private nightclubs, we have everything that can possibly come to your mind. These luxury services are surely the best things to make you out from the mass of partiers in Pattaya.

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